Price starts at $80


All pieces are worked out as


Cost of Materials + $25 per hour worked on piece + shipping.
Send me a message of what you would like and I'll quote you a price.


Ball park figures are

$ 80 for a digital line drawing

$ 80- $200 for a full colour either cell shaded or full digital painting


$100 for a pen and ink line drawing

$200-$400 for a traditional painting of any medium offered.


These are simply for an idea of how much what you may want will cost. If you have an idea of what you want, send me a message and I'll quote you a price.

Commission Jae

SKU: 54666613
  • Digital paintings will be sent to you as a digital copy.

    Original paintings are sent to you if you would like a traditional medium.
    I work in

    Pen, Graphite and ink


Sunday 8th Sept 12-4pm

@Urban Fetish

21 McDougall st Milton

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